Pastoral Care

House System

On entering the College each student is assigned a place in one of six Houses. Each House represents a core value of the College. Each value is part of the Vincentian Charism which is embedded in all aspects of College life. Students are part of a multi-years House Tutor Group, who meets daily. House communities and House values become touchstones for students as they navigate their development from Junior to Senior school students and for paths beyond Stannies. The House Tutor engages with students to monitor their daily wellbeing and communicate with parents, teachers and support professionals to ensure the wellbeing of each of their tutees. In addition, Tutors explicitly teach and reinforce Positive Behaviour for Learning Programs. The House system is a hallmark of the Stannies safe and connected Vincentian community.


Incluson Support

The Inclusive Support Faculty includes seven Inclusion Support Officers (ISOs) and is coordinated by the Leaders of Inclusion Learning, Jacqueline Hunt and Rachel Hughes, who oversee the daily operations of the team. The Inclusion Support Faculty aims to provide targeted, individualised support for students with disabilities, learning difficulties, social anxieties and mental health issues. We understand that students have complex learning needs and that their Individual Education Plans, which are collaboratively designed between caregivers, students and the Inclusive Support Faculty, provide members of the Stannies community with a thorough understanding of how to assist students to reach their full potential.

Within the Inclusive Support Faculty we provide:


Wellbeing at Stannies is reflected in our strong stewardship and care of people and place. Our student wellbeing program is conceived as a whole school framework underpinned by theories of positive education. Our Positive Behaviour for Learning program emphasises a theme of Respectful Responsible Learners within an environment promoting strong self-esteem and self-concept. In this, we recognise differences in learning style and skill acquisition so that individual needs are addressed.

Pastoral Care Coordinators focus on the Wellbeing needs of their year group. Year groups have fortnightly meetings, and Pastoral Care Coordinators organise a range of themes that focus on the many emerging challenges faced by our young men, including child protection and cyber safety, social skills, self-esteem and resilience programs.

Oversight of our student wellbeing programs comes via our Pastoral Care Team, who meet regularly to develop new plans, to fine tune existing plans and to evaluate the efficacy of wellbeing programs and structures. Professional support is provided by our Registered Psychologists (School Counsellors) who are involved in all aspects of wellbeing, counselling and assessment for students.

Stannies School TV

Because parenting doesn’t come with instructions!
Stannies School TV is a streamlined, aggregated wellbeing platform for our staff, students and parents addressing the modern-day realities of raising safe, happy and resilient young people using credible, sound information whilst offering realistic and practical strategies.


Our Careers Program, in partnership with each student and with family support, designs an individual plan for life after Stannies. We align our Careers Program with The Business Council of Australia’s ‘Work Ready’ Program. The Careers Program is embedded across all key learning areas and is built upon from Year 10. Students participate in a compulsory two week work experience placement that allows them to try a career of interest. Students work on their resumes as a ‘work in progress’, constantly updating and tailoring for job opportunities, scholarship and gap year positions. All students have personal careers interviews during Year 11 and Year 12, aiming to maximise their post school options. It is critical we support, guide and prepare our students for the fast-paced changing nature of the work environment. School is the basis of foundation knowledge that the students take and build upon in the world of work.

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